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Handling the Challenges of Work, Family and Caregiving

Who takes care of you…when you are the problem solver at home and at work?

We are accustomed to identifying goals for our career or in the workplace, but do you regularly identify and write down your goals for your family and personal life?

Donna Steinhorn will be presenting on the challenges and barriers helping professionals face in balancing work, family, and caregiving for others. She will be sharing tips on how to combat the imbalances.

Donna is an Executive, ADHD and Life coach with more than 40 years of corporate and business experience. She divides her time between her clients, developing and leading conferences and workshops, and multiple projects.

Participants will be able to:

1. Identify personal, work and caregiver goals

2. Set priorities to enable time management and juggling of responsibilities

3. Set boundaries and know their limits

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