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Self-Infused Service

Have you lost a sense of meaning in your work? Are you searching for the sense of fulfillment you expected when you stepped on the path of Service to others? 

There has never been a more powerful time for Service Providers to find their voice and speak their truth. We are poised to pay attention to and listen to those previously unheard and unseen. 

Join Conscious Service expert, Elizabeth Bishop as we explore the changing face of Service in our modern world with practical strategies to bring more of who you are into how you serve.

You will learn:

The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators including the role of inspiration and altruism

The difference between identifying with your Role and finding fulfillment within it

The connection between Beliefs, Interpretations, and Experience

The Myths surrounding Service and how they keep us stuck in a state of Sacrifice

Elizabeth Bishop is the creator of The Conscious Service Approach. She continues to teach aspiring helping professionals at the college level and also develops and facilitates live and online workshops for Service Providers from all walks of life. Elizabeth also hosts a bi-weekly radio show, Serving Consciously at

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